Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog 3 Production Notes

In terms of my video project that I did based on my interview with Queenie, I think that there are some things that I might have done differently.  I think that one of the things that I would have differently if given the chance, is that I would have liked to have gotten better film footage that complimented the audio piece. I would have liked to have been able to shot my video portion in a much clearer way. I would liked to have learned how to use the video camera better in terms of recording my footage for my audio portion. If I had to say what I learned about making a film, is that it is a lot harder than I expected since it involved a lot of knowledge of how things work technically.  If there was anything else that learned about making a film in a surprising way is that creativity can only get you so far. I guess I would say that I might need a better sense of direction.
If I had to say if there was anything that I was happy about in terms of  the project is that I managed to get up with learning how to use Final Cut Express to help me with the editing which was rather frustrating. I would say that I was also happy that I was able to work with somebody it made the shooting experience rather fun and enjoyable for me. If there was anything that I wanted to change, I would say that I could have came up with a better interview that might have gotten more attention.
I would have to say that editing and creating a video project has made me realize, that making a film can be rather tough, because I respect the aspects of what it takes to make a film. I will admit that It can take a lot of patience to do so, but film is a rather wonderful piece of art that should get more respect.

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