Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"What I hear" Sound observation

During my observation of sound, I noticed many interesting sounds that I normally won’t notice on a regular basis. I remember that the M66 bus passing by almost sounded like a whooshing sound of sorts. The 6 train underground almost sounded like an abrupt lurching of sorts when it stopped. I could also hear the train vibrating from the tracks above me. I remember that there was a woman with blonde hair who had a screechy childish laugh of sorts. There was also a woman in a green van that was having “Hello” to someone which almost sounded like an echo of sorts. There was also a truck that passed by. The sound of it was as though it was sailing off into the sunset. Taxi cabs that stopped for the yellow or red light sounded like an abrupt screech when they stopped. There were also police sirens blaring off rather loudly. The radios of the cops were going off with a sense of static. In the Metro Card turnstile at the Lexington 63rd street station, the booths would give off a swiping sound as customers were swiping metro cards to get into the station. The escalator rails would make swooshing and creak sounds. In the train platform on the queens bound side, I could feel the breezy wind of the passing train entering the station. As I got into the train to head back home, I noticed that the closing door sound was like a ding-dong. There was also abrupt screeching sound when the train was halted in the track because of train traffic. The voice over announcements sounded rather robotic. I remember that the passing F train sounded like a running locomotive that vibrated.